The holiday season is practically upon us, a time where we wade through waves of catalogues, circling potential gift ideas and crossing names off of nice lists after purchasing each person’s present.

For the friend who is an aspiring chef or simply relishes the opportunity to work in the kitchen, there are a number of gadgets and gizmos that can be bought, some of them fitting snuggly as stocking stuffers, others more suited to being nestled under the tree.

Karen Davison, a professional chef from Plano, Texas, presents a collection of her top kitchen gadgets that can be wonderful Christmas…

One of the best parts of the holiday festivities, right up there with unwrapping presents and organizing family gatherings, is the wealth of food that will be on the table.

In Texas, the holidays represent a tasty opportunity to dig into food that has the added qualities derived from German-American and Mexican-American cultures.

Karen Davison, an expert chef and culinary blogger from Plano, Texas, provides some traditional Texas foods that should be featured in any holiday cuisine.

European-Inspired Breads

European settlers were influential in establishing various holiday traditions in Texas, Karen Davison notes, with German and Czech natives being amongst…

Cooking with children is a fun and educational activity. When kids learn to cook alongside their parents, they have the opportunity to learn important life skills in a fun setting. They also learn more about nutrition. Cooking can even teach math skills. Some parents may be nervous about letting their children into the kitchen, believing that they may make a mess or hurt themselves, but there are ways to help children learn to cook in a safe environment.

Chef and food blogger Karen Davison shares the reasons that parents should get their children involved in preparing meals for the family…

Chef Karen Davison, Plano, TX

Many people are beginning to be aware of the health and environmental impacts of eating meat. Meat uses many natural resources in its production and may contribute to global warming. Many people are also concerned with the treatment of animals in the meat industry. Others are worried about the health consequences of eating too much meat, particularly red meat.

Luckily, there are many new meat substitutes on the market today that can provide a tasty alternative for people who are concerned by the impact of meat on their diet.

Karen Davison, Plano, Texas

Beginner chefs, though at the same initial phase in their cooking career, invariably proceed to undertake varying, unique routes because they possess specific infatuations, interests, and aspirations within the kitchen.

Just as there are different ambitions and fascinations found in nearly every beginner chef, bear in mind that volume upon volume of cookbooks is available to commence the process. It is just a matter of working out what your desires are and which book you want to make a beeline for.

Karen Davison, a professional chef in Plano, Texas, who specializes in fine dining and has an extensive background in…

Karen Davison, Plano, Texas

Online, a vast abundance of cooking videos awaits, offering step-by-step instructions, useful advice, and detailed recipes for anyone interested in the culinary arts, from the next sensational chef to the inexperienced individual tasked with preparing a family feast for the first time.

How, then, does one separate the best from the rest, realizing what content is amateurish and where the genuine expertise can be observed?

Karen Davison, a professional chef and culinary blogger in Plano, Texas, narrows down the search for a beginner chef, listing her top YouTube cooking videos.

Binging with Babish

Andrew Rea is the host of Binging…

Chef Karen Davison of Plano, Texas

Without a doubt, Fall is one of the best seasons for delicious home-cooked meals. Fall recipes are hardy and warm and seasonal fall ingredients are some of the most vibrant and versatile. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good comfort dish?

Karen Davison, of Plano, Texas, loves the flavors of Fall. As a professional chef, she has had experience working as a saucier, a sous chef, an associate chef, and a head chef in various restaurants all over America. A fine dining specialist, She also has an extensive background in healthy and delicious homestyle cooking. In addition to being a professional…

Chef Karen Davison of Plano, Texas

There’s no doubt about it, Halloween can be an unhealthy holiday. With hordes of seasonal candy and snacks, it can be difficult to resist temptation. But it is possible to celebrate with delicious treats that won’t cause a sugar overload.

If anyone knows how to create a hauntingly delightful and healthy treat, it’s Karen Davison. Karen is a professional chef and culinary blogger, from Plano, Texas, who has extensive experience making healthy and delicious dishes. She has worked in restaurants throughout America as a saucier, a sous chef, an associate chef, and a head chef. …

Texas Chef Karen Davison learned beef in the heart of meat country. In Texas, beef is one of the most important ingredients in a “well-balanced” meal. And while there are a million amazing ways to cut, cook, and eat all things beef, there are also ways to get it wrong.

To help professionals and amateurs alike, Davison breaks down all the key beef cuts, including those delectable parts of the cow that many overlook.


If the beef cut includes “loin” in the name, it’s usually a good cut, and most people have heard of it. …

The richness of Texas history is best illustrated in the slogan, “six flags over Texas.” Later the name of a Texas and Georgia chain of amusement parks, the phrase refers to the fact that at different periods in Texas history, six nations reigned over the land (specifically, Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America).

But the history behind the “six flags” doesn’t account for the heavy German and Czechoslovakian influence during the Republic’s formative years or the ranch-hand concoctions of the 19th Century. …

Karen V. Davison

Chef, Culinary Blogger, Foodie (obviously), Loving life in Dallas!

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